Corruption Ruins Lives, Fight Back
Corruption Ruins Lives, Fight Back
Corruption Ruins Lives, Fight Back


SNO. Programme Name Objective Coverage Area Project Period Funding Agency Status
1 Anti Corruption Campaign To Promote Good Governance, raising public awareness against corruption 77 Districts Running Multi-Stakeholder & Internal
2 Child Protection Program Children and adolescents from child clubs contribute to improve the situation of children in the target communities by participating in the local planning process and taking active role in monitoring and reporting including - COVID-19. Karnali and Sudurpachhim Province. Oct. 2021 to Sept. 2022 UNICEF
3 Gender Based Violence Reduntion Program Groups and persions at risk and surving exclusion, abuse and Violence have access quality age and gender-appropriate protection services Sudurpaschhim Provice Feb. 2022 to Sept. 2022 UNICEF
4 Risk Communication and Community Engagement Program(RCCE) To improve practice of COVID-19 preventive and service seeking behaviours at household and public places Karnali and Sudurpachhim province Oct. 2021 to Sept. 2022 UNICEF
5 Inspiring Youth Program To motivate youth to involve in positive works. Banke Running Internal
6 Public Hearing and Social Audit To Promote Accountability and Transparency at local government. Different Districts Running Local Government & NGO,INGOs
7 Help Desk Program To support to the beneficiary,To handle the complaint Different local Government Offices Running Local Government
8 Youth Empoerment Project Youth capacity building. Banke Rupandehi 2022 to 2023 Different Organization & Local Government
9 SDG Hub & Good Governnace information center Localization of Sustainable Development Goals,Promoting and spreading good governance Banke District Running Internal
10 Clothes Bank Collect clothes and distrubute free clothes to the needy people Banke District Running Civil Banke, NGO Fedration Banke
11 Humanitarian and Philanthropic Campaign To assist in the reading and teaching of poor, helpless, orphans and very poor children.Supporting justice fo r women who are victims of violence. Banke District Running Mandeva charitable Akshaya Kosh, Rukmini Smrit Akshay Kosh, BAS Birthday Fund
12 Youth Volunterism Program Promote volunteering, To ensure participation of youth in the development of volunteers.To develop the personality of the youth Banke District Running Internal
13 BAS Brightland Youth Award To reward creative youth Banke District Running Brighland School Nepalgunj
14 CIVACTS CUMMUNITY MIGRATION To Assist local and state governments in making EVIDENCEBASED decisions regarding foreign employment.It helps to increase cooperation between local and state government and young people who have returned from foreign employment. Banke District Running Accountability Lab
15 Just Recovery Resaerch Project Just recovery projects is being implement by accountability lab nepal with the partneship of BAS Nepal. Banke District Running NG
16 Inspiring Youth Program - Motivate youth to involve in positive works. To make youth dutiful, honest, disciplined and workable people. - To mobilize youth through motivation and empowerment. - To motivate the participation of youth power to build prosperous nation. Banke 2018-2019 Different sector
17 Public Hearing & Social Audit Program To Promote Accountability & Transparency at local government. Lumbini, Sudurpachim, Karnali and Gandaki 2019 to Continue Local government/Different Organization
18 Skill Development project To provide skillful training to target group for making capable and encourage them to increase self employement. Banke District 2019 Local Government
19 Good Governance post Weekly publication To promote Good Governance and Social Accountability. Banke 2019 Internal