Corruption Ruins Lives, Fight Back
Corruption Ruins Lives, Fight Back
Corruption Ruins Lives, Fight Back



Organizational Background

Bageshwori Asal Shasan Club [BAS] Nepal (Bageshwori Good Governance Club) is a youth led Non Governmental Organisation. Which was established by a group of active young citizens in 1998 BAS has been actively engaged in working against corruption, irregulars, delay of work, bribery, disorder and breach of rules to make the government aware of its duties and responsibilities, since BAS was established. BAS works in 77 districts in 7 province of Nepal and has over 4500 members. BAS organises activities which tackle; corruption, promote public Participant, accountability and transparency. BAS has consistently succeeded in creating good governance in Nepal through public awareness raising, campaigning, capacity building, lobbying, public discussion and civic mobilization.


  • To live in a society which is free of corruption.


  • To create a Zero tolerant environment and organize the public hearing for the solution against kinships, disorder, bribery, corruption and irregular situation.


  • The goal of BAS is to create a corruption free society by increasing and mobilizing a sensitive Energetic civic mass.


  1. To increase awareness of good governance, to promote campaigns against corruption, disorder, irregular and working social change.
  2. To increase awareness about Good Governance and establish corruption free society.
  3. To create public mass to access services and facilities delivered by government agencies and non government agencies
  4. To organize relevant programs which make marginalised groups [ethnic groups, women, Dalit, Madheshi, Muslim, Disable, Risk Group] of society aware of their rights and entitlements, To media Advocacy for Good Governance.
  5. To conduct capacity building and skill development training for young people, government officials, women.
  6. To increase Why Culture For anti-corruption.
  7. To organize public hearings on relevant issues relating to good governance
  8. To empower young people


Who get benefits from our work

  1. Women
  2. Young people
  3. Disabled people
  4. People from marginalised groups in society
  5. General public
  6. Government official